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prudsys IREUS Leistungen


prudsys IREUS presents your shop visitors with product recommendations that have a high personal relevance. The customised recommendations are oriented to the current buying interest of the relevant visitor.

The more products a shop visitor views the more relevant the prudsys IREUS recommendations.

prudsys IREUS Personalisierung

Better recommendations

prudsys IREUS optimises the quality of the recommendations on an ongoing basis in real-time by analysing the responses of the users to the recommendations. The optimisation takes place by default using revenue. This means that the products with the highest revenue effect are recommended. The optimisation may also take place using other criteria in order e.g. to maximise the contribution margin or sales quantity.

Integrated statistics show the acceptance of the recommendations and the revenue thus generated.

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Numerous possible applications

prudsys IREUS recommendations can be used at various points in your online shop. The design of the recommendations is modified to your shop design.

prudsys IREUS recommendations can be displayed e.g. on home pages, basket, category and product detail pages.



  • Customers are addressed individually and loyalty is strengthened
  • High recommendation quality during ongoing measurement and optimisation of the recommendation effect
  • Higher number of recommendations than traditional methods
  • Over 10 years of technology experience
  • No burden to your shop server as external, high-performance servers are used

Further information:

How to use IREUS